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‘Disney Infinity’ details leaked

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One of the images leaked to Polygon

Polygon today reported that they had received information pertaining to the new gaming initiative slated to be revealed early next year by Disney, titled Disney Infinity.

According to the article, “Disney Infinity will be an open-world sandbox game that combines the best of Minecraft creation with the absurdity of Just Cause‘s over-the-top action moments, all in a child-friendly world populated by iconic Disney and Pixar characters.”

The world will be able to be interacted with over a variety of platforms, including consoles, tablets and phones. More information should be available January 15, with the official unveiling of Infinity.


First GTAV Artwork Released

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Vamanos Pest, anyone?

The first piece of artwork for the upcoming Rockstar release Grand Theft Auto V was posted on the company’s official instagram today.

Titled ‘Pest Control,’ the image teases potential game mechanics while conjuring up images of Breaking Bad style front operations.

Rockstar also said “lots more info” on the game would be released in the coming month.

Grand Theft Auto V has not yet gotten a release date.