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New Humble Bundle Released

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Fresh on the heels of Humble Bundle’s controversial THQ bundle, they’ve released a new bundle that includes 6 games, and a movie.

The movie, redeemable through Steam, as are all the other games, is Indie Game: The Movie, the award winning documentary which explains the independent game market while profiling some of it’s biggest stars.

All other games are, in true Humble Bundle fashion, available for Mac and Linux as well, with games such as Shank 2 and Legends of Grimrock making their debut on those operating systems.

The bundle will be available to purchase for two weeks, and has, in it’s first day, already raised over half a million dollars. Check it out here.



Double Fine Announces Amnesia Fortnight

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Double Fine Productions recently announced it’s first public ‘Amnesia Fortnight’ event in conjunction with Humble Bundle.

The process, introduced and outlined in the video above, consists of all the developers at Double Fine dropping what they’re working on and devoting 2 weeks to work on a game that for the first time the public gets to vote on.

The last few minutes of the video details the different game ideas, and to support those ideas and see them more in depth, you can vote for them here.

Some game ideas include climbing a tower to escape a nefarious forest, a Mario-like platformer where you design the levels, and a game where you have to escape an office building after pooping your pants.

As with all Humble Bundle deals, consumers are allowed to pay what they want in order to gain access to the prototypes.

Written by John Schwartz

November 19, 2012 at 5:17 pm